A few words about us


ONE MEK Investment Company LTD was founded in 2023 and specialises in software development, advertising & consulting. Our work is characterised by extensive knowledge, a wealth of experience and partnership-based support.

The founders of our company come from different business sectors and countries, which gives the company a diverse image and potential.

With our network of lawyers, tax consultants and bankers, we act with seriousness and professionalism both worldwide and in Northern Cyprus.

With a continued strategic focus on diversification and value creation, we concentrate on seizing business opportunities and enabling healthy and channelled growth. Our company is also a strong supporter of foreign investors, recognising and investing in untapped market opportunities, expanding its presence and boosting the North Cyprus economy.

Our investment approach is consistent and geared towards the long term. Our focus is on strong companies and strong entrepreneurs or investors.

Our highly-qualified specialists

Petros Kominos

Petros is our property specialist in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a licensed real estate agent, he helps foreign clients to complete their purchase or investment efficiently, smoothly and professionally.

Adrian Waloszek

Programmer and multilingual digital marketing and social media specialist. Adrian has a lot of experience in social media and a proven track record of generating new leads using smart strategies.


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